MilliSnap Z01
  • January 4, 2023 4:57 pm
  • China

MilliSnap Z01 millimeter wave

MilliSnap Z01 millimeter-wave human body imaging security inspection equipment is a new generation of human body security inspection equipment independently developed and manufactured by Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co., Ltd. The device adopts the world’s leading and safe active millimeter wave technology, which can collect the imaging data of the human body surface and items under clothing in only 2 seconds. Using the three-dimensional holographic imaging algorithm, combined with deep learning and image intelligence recognition algorithm, it realizes non-contact rapid Inspection, and automatic detection of metal and non-metal objects hidden on the surface of the human body and under clothing.

MilliSnap Z01 millimeter wave


Applications: It can be widely used in security inspections in airports, customs, public security inspections, and other places.

Product advantages:

1. Security

The millimeter-wave device has no ray-like ionizing radiation, and the signal strength during scanning is much lower than the electromagnetic signal strength of mobile phones.

2. Reliable

The inspection items are comprehensive, including but not limited to: metals, non-metals, ceramics, colloids, powders, liquids, etc.

3. Smart

Deep learning can automatically identify and frame suspicious items; it can integrate security inspection and security technologies such as witness comparison, video perception, remote control, and big data platforms.

4. Contactless

No manual contact is required, and human privacy is respected.

5. High pass rate

A single security check can be completed in 5S.



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