MilliSnap Z02
  • January 5, 2023 5:38 am
  • China

MilliSnap  Z02 Millimeter Wave Body Scanner

The MilliSnap Z02 adopts a three-dimensional holographic imaging algorithm combined with deep learning and an intelligent image recognition algorithm, achieving contactless and rapid inspection. Both metal and non-metal, including liquids, plastics, ceramics, powders, rubber, and bulk explosives, can be detected.

MilliSnap  Z02 Active Millimeter Wave Body Scanner

  • Health and Safety: The system does not produce any ionizing radiation. The energy the system radiates is 1000 times less than in a cell phone transmission.
  • High throughput: The passenger stands motionless, for the scan only takes 2 seconds to complete, enabling high efficiency.
  • Superior experience: Easy hands-down posture for scanning, non-touch, and no physiological details displayed of the human body protect privacy, creating the best possible visitor experience.
  • Intelligent: Automatic Target Recognition, an auto-detect mode to highlight suspicious objects accurately. The system has unique artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm to realize a low false alarm rate.
  • Reliable: Detection of prohibited items (metallic objects, ceramics, plastics, powders, liquids, gels, etc.)


  • • Passenger checkpoints at airports
  • • Government or public buildings
  • • Nuclear power plants
  • • Correctional facilities
  • • Public conferences and sports events

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