MMW Scanner 04A HD
  • January 4, 2023 4:28 pm
  • China

MMW Scanner MD-04A-HD

Millimeter Wave Scanner 04A HD

  • Inspection method The whole process is non-contact
  • Single detection time less than 3S
  • Types of items that can be detected Guns and other weapons, explosive or flammable items and devices, Controlled equipment, dangerous goods, etc.
  • Automatic identification of suspects Yes
  • Privacy Protection Yes
  • Extended functions Image processing (contrast) and background management (monitoring, etc.)
  • System size Height less than 2.4m, width less than 1.4m, length less than 1.3m
  • Equipment weight less than 500KG
  • System power supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption less than 1KW (peak value)
  • Automatic identification Automatic identification of suspects/support abnormal human body temperature alarm, Support wearing masks to identify face areas


  • High Reliability: Effective detection of metal + non-metal
  • Efficient and fast: High resolution, accurate temperature measurement, rapid screening
  • High Security: Safer with no ionizing radiation
  • Privacy Protection: Eliminate contact transmission and effectively protect the safety of the inspected and staff
  • Easy to operate: Complete operation with one click, unattended

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