Nuctech X-DAQ Control Board
  • December 27, 2022 6:59 am
  • China

Nuctech Parts X Ray X-DAQ Control Board

Data acquisition and control board for X-Cards

X-DAQ Control Board for x ray baggage scanner








X-DAQ is designed to be used with Detection Technology’s linear array X-ray detector cards, like X-Card 1.5-64DE. X-DAQ and detector crds together provide a complete detector subsystem for X-ray image acquisition. Typically only power supply and Ethernet need to be connected to X-DAQ. Demonstration software and interface libraries for host computer are available. 16-bit data acquisition and output Real-time image data connection to host computer via Ethernet, Frame Grabber or USB interface. Demonstration software and interfacing libraries available On-board signal processing functions. Including gain and offset normalization, line summing or averaging and binning functions Diagnostics functions. Including data test patterns, remote readable temperature sensor and status indicator LEDs Line and frame trigger inputs for optional synchronization with a complete X-ray system



  • Security inspection
  • Multi-view imaging
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Food inspection
  • Raw material sorting
  • Thickness measurement
  • Foreign particle detection
  • CT imaging
  • Bone densitometry

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