TAI-40-HP Millimeter-Wave Human Body Security Scanner
  • September 22, 2023 4:06 am
  • China

TAI-40-HP TAI-40-HP is designed to excel in prisons, public security, law enforcement agencies, customs and immigration, manufacturing, and various other sectors. Featuring dual workstations, it significantly enhances security screening efficiency. Its higher imaging resolution and cutting-edge AI technology deliver precise intelligent identification and alarming. With a more spacious security screening area and a sleek exterior design, it combines functionality with aesthetics.

Active Millimeter-Wave Human Body Security Scanner

Global Security System Solutions Expert

The active millimeter-wave human body security scanner comprises six major components: T/R transceiver module, switch and antenna array, mechanical scanning and exterior design, 3D holographic imaging software, pattern recognition and dual-mode detection software, and system integration software. All these components are developed independently and built upon innovative technology. Leveraging dual-mode technology for both automated recognition and manual identification at the monitoring end ensures a high standard of detection with zero omissions, placing this technology at the forefront of the global market.

The active millimeter-wave human body security scanner is designed for non-contact isolation security screening, effectively mitigating the risk of cross-infection among personnel. Additionally, it offers optional infrared temperature measurement capabilities, making it suitable for diverse environments such as airports, subways, customs, courts, large exhibitions, border inspection, high-speed railway stations, ports, prisons, large sports venues, and counter-terrorism operations, among others.


  • Dynamic 7-angle 3D holographic imaging.
  • Extensive item detection capabilities.
  • Non-contact scanning for privacy preservation.
  • Exceptional imaging resolution, globally leading technology.
  • Green and secure.
  • Dual-screen operation for efficient security screening.
  • Expandable capabilities.
  • Leading global AI technology for intelligent recognition.



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