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  • January 5, 2023 9:39 am
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TERASNAP Mobile – Agile Security Scanning on the Go

Terahertz Mobile TeraSnap Mobile Truck

self loading cabin

Revolutionize Security with TERASNAP Mobile A brief introduction that encapsulates the essence of TERASNAP Mobile as a portable and efficient solution for quick deployment in various settings.

Optimal Features for Dynamic Security Needs Detailing the features that make TERASNAP Mobile a leader in portable security scanning, such as its rapid setup, ease of use, and comprehensive threat detection.

Specifications at a Glance A succinct table presenting the specifications like battery life, scanning speed, operational range, and more to inform potential customers.

Deployment Scenarios and Effectiveness Illustrate the various environments where TERASNAP Mobile excels, from outdoor events to temporary checkpoints.

Customer Stories and Endorsements Incorporate positive feedback from users who have benefited from the flexibility and reliability of TERASNAP Mobile.


TeraSnap Truck-mounted Security Check Station

Flexible deployment, one-stTeraSnap Truckop security check

Inside the cabin is a terahertz body scanner system for human body security inspection. It also integrates equipment such as an X-ray baggage scanner, witness comparison system, face recognition, liquid detection, explosives detection, etc., Evidence, and objects” all-round inspection. The equipment consists of a transport vehicle and an electronic shelter, which can be unloaded within 30 minutes. Security professionals can quickly expand this security checkpoint to respond to temporary security needs.


Applicable scene:

1. Various public security checkpoints;

2. Civil aviation, railway, subway, and other transportation fields;

3. Important gates such as border defense and customs;

4. Government buildings, public security, prisons, and other key departments;

5. Exhibition halls, stadiums, hospitals, schools, banks, and other densely populated places.


Brainware Terahertz truck TeraSnap Mobile Truck


Product advantages:

1. High integration

Realize comprehensive verification of the identity information of the inspected person, human inspection information, object inspection information, temperature measurement information, etc. At the same time, security professionals can add customized functions in the shelter to meet the needs of various scenarios.

2. Strong adaptability

The product is not restricted by the environment, weather, and site and has strong protection performance rain, salt spray, wind, and sand. The product has high utilization and does not cause environmental pollution and waste of resources.

3. Information linkage

Through front-end equipment collection, aggregation, and uploading to the big data platform for verification and comparison, early warning, deployment and control, investigation and punishment are realized, and the whole process is visualized.


  • Flexible Deployment
  • Multi-function
  • One Stop Check
  • Applicable to large temporary security activities

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