Discover how Mubien Brands’ innovative approach in branding and visual identity is shaping the future of digital identity verification with TruMe.

Mubien Brands, a renowned name in the design industry, recently undertook the task of developing the branding and visual identity for TruMe, a cutting-edge Self-Sovereign Identity authentication solution. This project is a fine example of how design can play a pivotal role in simplifying and enhancing digital experiences, especially in areas as critical as identity verification.

TruMe is designed to revolutionize the way individuals control their personal identity in the digital realm. By decentralizing data, it puts an end to reliance on centralized authorities for identity verification, simultaneously eliminating the need for passwords. This approach not only combats fraud but also significantly simplifies digital access, delivering an unparalleled user experience.

The essence of TruMe is encapsulated in its distinctive symbol, a design feat achieved by Mubien Brands. This symbol represents the decentralization of data through an arrangement of separated blocks. Additionally, elements of simplified facial biometric recognition are integrated, along with a universal checkmark symbolizing identity verification. This creative synthesis of elements powerfully communicates TruMe’s core functionality and innovative approach to digital identity.

The design system crafted by Mubien Brands strategically employs these symbolic elements to construct a visual grid. This grid, combined with the selective use of blur, effectively conveys the concept of selectively revealing information, a key aspect of TruMe’s technology. The color palette, dominated by shades of green, was chosen for its associations with verification, safety, and reliability. This choice not only underscores TruMe’s functionality as a verification solution but also instills a sense of trust and natural authenticity in the brand.

Through this project, Mubien Brands demonstrates how branding and visual identity can transcend mere aesthetics to become integral components of a product’s functionality and user experience. The TruMe brand identity is not just visually appealing; it is a critical part of the narrative that makes this innovative technology approachable and understandable for users. This project stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful and strategic design in the realm of digital identity verification.

Branding and visual identity artifacts


Agency: Mubien Brands

Account Management: Victor Mubien

Creative Direction: David Mubien

Motion: Daniel Iglesias

Art Direction: Daniel Iglesias, Javier Ochoa, Carlos Almagro, Luana Laso

UX/UI: Javier Ochoa, Patri Orden, Luana Laso

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